The Nomad Cafe is the perfect spot for a great meal. The Nomad Cafe has a 4.5 star rating on Facebook, Google, and Yelp with Otilio & Megan Gonzalez as the amazing Chefs! They are officially Ocean Friendly Certified by the Surfrider Foundation, source locally, pull inspiration globally and make everything from scratch! The Nomad Cafe's quaint and cozy atmosphere is great for a romantic dinner or a great meal with friends. They have all locally sourced ingredients, contemporary scratch cooking inspired by international cuisine, and a relaxed atmosphere to dine and unwind. You will never eat the same thing here twice, as their menu is constantly changing and updating with fresh ingredients. They also bring a unique style. The most unique item I had ever had was their Blood Orange Infused Ice Cream with an Eggplant Mousse. It was divine.

The Nomad Cafe has been around for years and still seems to be a little known secret for most. While that being said, on special holidays, you will want to call weeks ahead to book your reservation. They have a special menu for these dates and limited seating which makes it quite enticing for those special occasions. They are open Tuesday through Saturday and close at 8:30 each evening. So what are you waiting for? Go explore what they have to offer! Here is a sneak preview at their menu that is constantly changing and updating.