Search homes in Indialantic real estateImaginations of those living in Indialantic are stretched to the max. The newest trend in recreation is escape rooms, and Locked Inside provides plenty of challenge. Participants are trapped inside game chambers and must find a way to escape. As the clock counts down critical thinking skills and problem solving serve as the key to freedom. Rooms of various degrees of difficulty await players from Indialantic homes.

In the popular Behind Bars groups are reminded, “if you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime." Jailed for syndicated crime groups must break out of their cell before transport arrives. All must escape together or be busted together.

Explore Secrets Of The Ancient Pyramids Close To Indialantic Homes

The setting is Egypt in Ammon’s Passage. Explorers have found themselves in a treasure trove in one of the ancient pyramids. Once inside the tomb of Queen Rose there are riches and jewels aplenty to take. However a poisonous gas is filling the space. There is a way out, but is there time enough to find it? In this one every breath counts.

Entertainment is designed for residents living in Indialantic that are ten years of age and older. Players are reminded to be arrive a bit early as the clock will count down on time. Reservations can be made online or by calling 321.802.8886.